Webinar Recording - The Global Economy in 2013: A Year of Two Halves

About the Webinar

The global economy is once again facing another year of immense uncertainty in 2013. Hope had been high for an economic recovery in 2012 but as the year wore on, it became increasingly clear  the effects of the global economic slowdown would drag on. Global growth in the coming year will once again be driven by emerging economies albeit at a slower rate, trade growth will remain sluggish while fiscal crises on both sides of the Atlantic look set to continue. However, Euromonitor International expects a stronger second half in 2013, with signs of economic recovery gaining momentum from mid-year.

Euromonitor’s Economy, Finance and Trade research team examines global economic prospects in 2013, investigating key trends, spotlighting advanced and emerging economies and explaining how these trends impact consumers and businesses alike.

  • Global economic prospects are uncertain in 2013. What is the likelihood of global growth recovery?
  • Austerity measures in developed economies have backfired, severely impacting growth prospects. Will developed markets rebound in 2013?
  • A paradigm shift is forecast in global trade with emerging markets turning to each other for growth opportunities. How will foreign trade perform?
  • Resource nationalism is growing following the food crisis in 2012 and on-going geopolitical risks to oil supplies. What will 2013 hold for commodity prices?

The Global Economy in 2013: A Year of Two Halves

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