Webinar Recording - Trends and Opportunities in Global FMCG Packaging

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2012 promises to be an interesting year for packaging. Continuing stagnation in North America and Western Europe poses challenges to brand owners. With value and economy product offerings now commonplace in these markets, how can brand owners utilise packaging to increase their value share? Meanwhile the developing markets of Asia Pacific, Latin America and Middle East and Africa remain the driving markets for packaging unit growth. Here packaging needs to be able to offer solutions to the high population of low income consumers, whilst still leveraging the growing middle class with an increasing disposable income.

Euromonitor International examines some of the key trends driving packaging demand, relevant to directing consumer purchasing decisions. Value for money propositions remain an enduring theme in packaging development with the use of both larger economy sizes and smaller entry-level pack sizes apparent to encourage consumer take-up and repeat purchase. Functional packaging that focuses on delivering more added-value attributes is also making gains as advances are made in packaging design and dispensing closure fitments.

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, the need to stand-out is also necessary whether that is in the form of seasonal, limited edition launches, eco-packaging launches or in the use of a new pack format, shelf impact will be another driver of pack innovation in 2012.

Trends and Opportunities in Global FMCG Packaging

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