Luxury Goods and Emerging Markets: Business Opportunities
in Latin America

Thursday, April 30 | 9 a.m. CDT / 3 p.m. BST

The global picture of wealth is shifting, as performance declines in BRIC and income improves rapidly in emerging markets. Thanks to rising incomes and a developing middle class, Latin America has emerged with the world's second fastest consumer spending growth.

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The State of Snacking: Brand Identity in a Rapidly
Changing World

Wednesday, May 13 | 9 a.m. CDT /  3 p.m. BST

Snacks make up nearly 40% of total packaged food in the US, and Millennials are becoming a significant driver of consumption. Their needs for health and convenience are leading to change, growth and competition in the US market.

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Selecting Key Cities in Emerging Markets

Tuesday, May 19 | 9 a.m. CDT /  3 p.m. BST

Over the next 15 years, cities in emerging market economies will see substantial growth, with rising incomes, better technology penetration and higher discretionary spending than rural living standards.

Don't discount a prospering city due to projected performance at the country level - you could be missing a viable expansion opportunity!

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