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Total volume sales of fresh food increased by 3% in 2011, surpassing 1.9 billion tonnes. India, Russia and Brazil drove overall volume sales growth, outperforming the wider global marketplace. Rapid economic growth in the likes of China, India and Brazil is boosting disposable incomes. This in turn means that consumers can afford to eat a more varied diet and increase their consumption of preferred foods, especially meat.

Economic uncertainty in Western Europe continues to threaten further gains for fresh food. Consumers in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK are increasingly buying less and shopping more selectively.

Fresh food volume consumption during 2011 was among the strongest in the emerging markets of Eastern Europe and Asia Pacific. In both regions there remained an abundance of fresh produce as well as a persistently strong culture of home-cooking and eating fresh food. By contrast, fresh food consumption in Western Europe and North America remained notably lower thanks to busy lifestyles and stronger consumer preferences for the convenience of packaged/processed food.

Global Fresh Food: Trends, Opportunities and Challenges

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